26 Industry Avenue

#26 Industry Avenue has long been considered by some to be a prophetic culmination of the True Seeker. It is associated with attempts, apparently by a guy who looks like the True Seeker, attempting to set up rendezvous with people, though nobody has ever been able to meet him there. It’s happened hundreds of times, but not thousands. And only about half of the time to Chosen people. Chosen people are the only people who have repeatedly received an invitation to meet. Animals, especially birds, have been common couriers of the message. Pigeons, eagles, and drellhawks have accounted for 62% of all message deliveries. Cats and dogs have been used relatively few times. Twice the message was received as a fortune cookie. And on all other occasions people have received the communication either as offline messaging or, in an exciting minority, by voicemail. (links to voice profiles of the Chosen go here). (recorded message of invitation). The fortune cookies could not be detected by divination afterwards.